Founded by Skyline Cranes and Technologies, Skyline Cockpit leverages our proven, longstanding experience with a profound understanding of market needs to bring real change to the crane and construction industry, both in terms of safety and technological innovation.

Owning the largest fleet of cranes in Israel, Skyline Cranes and Technologies stands tall at the heart of the tower cranes field. We offer a cradle-to-grave service that includes the leasing, servicing and sale of all types of cranes, as well as groundbreaking tools and technologies that are revolutionizing the crane and construction industry.

The company brings an unwavering commitment, first-rate professionalism and unparalleled knowhow of the industry in order to deliver challenging, complex and landmark projects in Israel and around the world.

Our extensive roster comprises industry leading construction companies such as Electra, Tidhar, Ashtrom, Denya Sibus, Shikun & Binui, Shafir Engineering and many more.

Furthermore, Skyline Cranes has cemented longstanding working relationships with major international crane manufacturers and crane leasing companies worldwide, such as Yongmao, ENG, Liebherr, Terex, Comansa Acromet, Uperio, Morrow, NFT and others.

Our leadership Team

Our management team is experienced in the fields of construction, cranes and real-estate development.

Baruch Parnes, Chairman,
Over 50 years in the
construction industry

אביב כרמל

Aviv Carmel, CEO
Over 30 years in the field of cranes
[email protected]

Aviram Cohen, CTO
Visionary, the brain
behind the system
[email protected]

Noam Rotem,
Business Development Manager

Over 20 years
in the High Tech industry
[email protected]

ראובן פירסטטר, מנהל מכירות

Ruben Firstater,
Head of Sales & Marketing
Over 30 years of technological
systems sales
[email protected]

מתי ברוזה

Matti Broza,
Development Manager
Over 30 years of experience
developing technological products
[email protected]

Dr. Oded Medina,
Chief Scientist
A Ph.D expert in kinematics,
motion, robots & sensors
[email protected]

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