Zachi Flatto

Zachi Flatto

Zachi Flatto, CEO and Co-founder of Skyline Cockpit, has over two decades of championing technological innovations in construction. Positioned at the epicenter of Israeli construction tech, Zachi connects startups with major industry stakeholders in his long-lasting commitment to foster innovative solutions and set new global standards in construction.

Skyline Cockpit Technology

The Skyline Cockpit system is already up and running at the construction sites of leading construction companies, such as Electra Construction & Tidhar Construction. Operating cranes at live sites, the Skyline Cockpit has been supporting building construction from the very start of projects to their completion.

Based on the system’s input, it is now possible to pinpoint precisely where the crane’s hook will land, as well as receive indications regarding crane height, load weight, wind speed and direction, work speed and more. In addition, Skyline Cockpit can detect any tower crane discrepancies and immediately address them through preventive maintenance.

Control Screens